5 Tips to create the Perfect Script for an Explainer Video!

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5 Tips to create the Perfect Script for an Explainer Video. Explainer videos are becoming more popular by the day and the script is at the heart of the video. Everything else depends on that script – whether it’s the storyboard or the illustrations or the animation itself.

1. Flow of the script

The language has to have a flow where the audience can relate to what the narration is saying. Instead of introducing the product/service, if you can introduce your audience to the problem, then they have something they can relate to. The first 15 seconds are crucial and they can make or break your explainer video.

2. Crisp and Simple

Keep it crisp. Keep it simple. Your script should be easy to understand and to the point. Editing is the key here. Chop the extra and unnecessary words out. Be minimalistic in your writing while also trying to convey the whole idea. Don’t dawdle. Don’t saunter. Don’t confuse your audience.

3. Tone

The tone of your script is very important. Keep it conversational so the viewer thinks that he/she’s being addressed directly. Sounding friendly always helps.

4. Humour

While you might think these videos need to be technical and need to cover all the information, a little humour goes a long way and the viewers will always appreciate that. And doing that in less than 2 minutes is not easy. It takes time and efforts to create humor at same time, selling the idea.

5. Research

Writing an explainer video story is not like writing fiction or article or a blog post. You need to get all facts about the product/service and see how best you can portray the idea through a visual medium. The characters, their interaction makes it really engaging.

Work by these tips and you are sure to have a beautiful story for your video.

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