Are Screencast Videos Still Effective?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Screencast is a recording of the computer screen of an app or a website, almost always with a voiceover or an audio narration. It is also known as a video screen capture. It is similar to a screenshot, where the screenshot is a single picture capture of a video screen; a screencast is a movie of the video output with animations or effects added to it. A screencast video is good for educational and tutorial purposes and also to show how an app or a website looks, realistically.

QUINOATutorials are effective in reaching the audience, when they are as screen casts rather than plain language, slide shows or just the narration of how it is done. Studies have shown students or professionals learning from screencasts tend to be more attached throughout the presentation when compared to regular teaching or training. And the added advantage being, screencast along with teaching can also provide the comfort of pausing and rewinding for those who needs things to be at their own pace.

When it comes to explainer videos, screencasts are invaluable in explaining how easy to use, a product or a service is. If the target audience are people who tend to stay away from online or uncomfortable with using apps, then screencast is a major advantage to the owners. Since they show how to register or look for a service in the website. Showing people how to obtain a service or the product by a few clicks in the website, is more favourable and engaging than telling them the same.

So screencasts are great in capturing the attention during a tutorial. They are great in keeping your sceptical consumer, who thinks website traversing is time-consuming, interested. When used appropriately and aesthetically, screencast videos are very effective for knowledge passing or product selling.