Chitra Santhe – OH FOR THE LOVE OF ART

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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There are those who are not artists but love art in all forms, who look at art and marvel at the aesthetics of it. They don’t always understand the art but still appreciate its quaintness. So, if you’re that person or an artist who revel in art form or an amateur connoisseur or all combined, then you’ll definitely know about the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad.

To those not aware of this, Chitrakala Parishath is an art institution and cultural organisation located in Bangalore, setup to promote art and culture through its exhibitions. It is a multi-dimensional art complex with international standards of art galleries. It is a sought after location to hold art exhibitions and attracts a number of people from artists, art-lover, and collectors to connoisseurs. And it also has its courses in art form for anyone interested to learn or hone their skills.

Among the events at Chitra Kala Parishad, the notable is the ‘Chitra Santhe’, tag lined ‘ART FOR ALL’, an art event and art fair held annually. It is at its 12 successful year run with art exhibited in all forms. Be it paintings, graphic print, sculptures, miniature formats and many more. To stress on the diverse and talent rich factor, let’s see some of the art types exhibited last year which were from lac bangle demo, madhubani painting, soft furnishings, accessories, jewellery, toys, leather products to pottery a few types you’ll encounter.

5 Reasons why you should go to Chitra Santhe 2015 Event

The interesting part of the exhibition is the exhibition itself. Once you’re registered and approved to exhibit your creations, you are allotted a place on the Kumara Krupa Road, to be precise the footpath of Kumara Krupa Road. Yes, it’ll be magnificent event where you can see art slot after slot on the road stretching for a few kilometres. To the artists or collectors or connoisseurs, such an event is a true delight. And to the budding artist in you or at your home, this will be an eye-grabbing treat. And we can be sure that there’s going to be a gem among the throngs of artists who will be looked for, keenly by the art world.

Not only is it the world of talent and paint, metal or leather, you can also have fun whether it is the portrait of yours drawn by the really good artists or the snack stalls that would have sprung up or the amazing art you can buy from the artists itself then and there. So, we’d suggest make a plan on January 4th of 2015 to take your camera and pull in the gang and be at Kumara Krupa Road for the amazing Chitra Santhe to have fun and be enchanted by art and the love for art all around you.