Does having multiple Characters help for a startup video?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Explainer videos created for start-ups are about creating an identity for the product. It is a way to make sure the consumers are aware of such a product and how better the product is for the end consumer. An explainer video can only have narration to get its message across to the audience. With a god script that would be achievable. So does having multiple Characters help for a startup video?

But having characters to the video has its several advantages. When using a character and in the design of the character, it can be made sure that the character is relatable. Doing so, the video will be engaging. And if there are quirky, fun characteristics to the character or video, then the longevity of the video in memory will be more, ensuring the point of the video. So, using characters is an essential step in making a video.

does After establishing how important the character is, we have to know how useless the same character can be, if too many of those are used. A character with significance mentioning the usage and benefits of the product will stick in the mind more compared to many different characters with equal significance. There is a chance for the actual message to be lost in the chaos kind of situation. Especially for a product which has to be clearly described. Having a melee of characters with minimal characterization is fine. For example, when showing a product to be used in office, the main problem should be addressed to one or two specific characters. Other office people can be shown, but they are to be considered a single entity, rather than each character having problems. It’s like a scene in a drama, there will be one or two main characters acting on stage, all the other on the stage will only be extras and without any lines in the screenplay. Even though there has to be multiple characters in the video, the point of focus would have to be one or two.

So to get it across, let’s follow the first rule of explainer video making. Let’s keep it simple and precise and make sure that message is reached to the audience.