How to storyboard for an Explainer Video?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Animated Videos are visceral and in some capacity they speak directly to the viewers. We already know that animated videos have become such an important part of marketing strategies because they care capable of catching and keeping the attention of people on the product that is being advertisement. While that is completely true, we must also keep in mind that that cannot be achieved if the story that the video is telling is lackluster or unappealing. So how do you storyboard for an Explainer Video?

The true purpose of a animated videos campaign is to attract viewers and to convert those viewers into buyers. To fulfill that purpose a video need not always carry a message. When you’re making a animated videos advertisement, you’re working with a medium so flexible that you can make it take whatever shape you think suits it best. Depending on what the client wants, the video you create might be a simple explanation video or you might be paid to create animation video. It might be full of humour, sensuality, seriousness or direct appeal. But whatever it is, it needs to be convincing, engaging and consistent.


  • Toss around many ideas, but choose the best one. The client you’re making the video for, might be inclined to chip in for this step. Let them. Take note of their ideas; come up with a few more of your own. When you’re done innovating, think about all the ideas and choose one single idea that looks like the winner. Remember, it must suit the image of the business as well as the rest of the marketing campaign. The story your ad tells should ideally be original. Revisiting old themes and tales are great, too, but make sure that the redesigns are different enough to be distinguishable or you’ll be responsible for plagiarism.
  • Write a good script. Even if it’s for a simple explanation video, the script should be organic. If anything in the script sounds out of place, get rid of it and re-write the script until you get it right.
  • Show, don’t tell. This is a simple rule of composition. Unless, you’ve been specifically paid to parrot a few words and action, your animated videos should be short, simple and of good quality. That means, whatever story you’re telling, do it in a way that doesn’t involve too many expositions or diatribes.
  • Keep it simple.  Animated Video should always be able to maintain the attention of the viewer. If the viewer loses interest after 10 seconds of watching the advertisement, your client will not get a boost in sales. Don’t bury the point of the video in unnecessary complications. Keep it short and simple so it gets the audience interested in the product that it is selling.