Importance of App Explainer Videos In Marketing

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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You have spent long hours researching and developing that perfect little mobile app which does so much more beyond simplifying life. Your app could be revolutionary even! All the testing has been done, kinks removed and sales strategy set. There is only one thing left to do. Develop an explainer video to let your users know of the capabilities of your new app.

At this stage, before you approach a professional to help you make an explainer video, you will go online and see what your peers are doing. Possibly to get some bearings on what you are supposed to be doing. Do not be surprised if you come up with a brief that reads like this.

  1. Impossibly upbeat music preferably instrumental ukulele mixed with synchronized clapping.
  2. Sexy female voice for narration.
  3. Text effects.
  4. Show people from creative walks of life using your app.
  5. App screen shots.
  6. App screenshots.
  7. App screenshots.
  8. Show some more people from creative walks of life using your app.
  9. End with more text effects.

text here (2)There is nothing wrong with the above mentioned skeletal structure that you end up deriving. Especially, the sexy female voice over artist. But, the very fact that you were able to derive a skeletal structure should tell you that an app explainer video can get generic. And generic isn’t the philosophy under which your app was developed. You used ingenuity, creativity and understood people’s needs to develop that app of yours. Your app is distinct. Everything about your app also has to be distinct. Including that little 15-30 seconds long explainer video that can very well form the bridge between you and a happy customer.

What an app explainer video does in the first place is show the customer why he needs to buy your app. It also needs to show him how your app works. This helps him figure out if your app indeed makes his life simpler and smarter. Secondly, the video should be able to tell the customer of the accessibility of your app. The various platforms it is available for and the many stores it is available at.

Whether your app is based on lifestyle, food, health, news, finance, entertainment, sports, music or games, your app needs a good explainer video that can get you the fame it deserves. While live action can seem like the obvious approach, exlainer videos can actually turnout to be a more refined option.

Explainer videos can be cost effective. Think about the number of actors who need to look creative or made to and the locations you will have to pay for.

Your explainer video can be surreal in nature. You can show your app being used in environments from the jungle to outer space or being used by a king cobra or aliens with not enough fingers.

The user guides section of your explainer video will look much more polished. Since you are not relying on real time screen changes, you can depict your app being used in the most glamorous of manners.

With these and more abilities that an explainer video can have. All you need to do now is find a professional animator who can make that amazing video for you and sell your app like hot cakes.