Our “Hyperloop Explained” video featured on Cnet News

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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CNET is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, blogs and videos on technology. Recently, CNET tried to explain the concept of Hyperloop and they used our “Hyperloop Explained” video. It is proposed by Elon Musk, who considered Hyperloop as a combination of a Concorde jet, a rail gun and an air hockey table. So our “Hyperloop Explained” video featured on Cnet News. Here is the video, Hyperloop gets featured around 13:30 minutes: CNET News Video
The explainer video was made a year ago and was uploaded on YouTube. Here is the Whiteboard video we did: Hyperloop Explained

Hyperloop is a concept not very easy to explain. It works on complex techniques where a pod is mounted on skis and levitates with the help of air cushions and travels at the speed of 760 miles per hour. Simply put, it is a new mode of transportation where people can travel almost at the speed of sound. This revolutionizes technology. It not only saves energy time and money, but it’s also crash proof and is immune to weather changes.

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