When Should You Plan to Get an Animated Video Created?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Animated Video now occupies a very important part in most business marketing strategies. It is dynamic, attention grabbing and different enough to be the most effective instrument out there. If used wisely, it is also shareable at the click of a button. It does far more for the spread of a business than billboards and Flash spots can manage to do. Its flexibility makes it more easily appealing to people of different ages and from many walks of life.

Because of the effectiveness of the format, many business people are eager to take up this format and run with it. There are a number of services that offer to create animated video for businesses for a small fee and, in their eagerness, marketers often end up paying for these services with little or no useful outcome.

HARK!When incorporating animated video advertisements into a marketing campaign, it is important to map out a clear strategy. Leaping into it without bothering to check if the road is clear might turn out to do a lot of harm to your business.

Ideally, you should plan to get a video created right at this moment, even if yours is just a small-time, startup company. It will be unwise to put it off any longer no matter where your business stands. Animated video are effective and useful, and you should employ this form without any more if’s and/or but’s. However, as you’re going into this particular stratum of marketing, it’s also important to know what preparations you need to take before you can get started on your video ad campaign.

  • Explore the different options you have. There are various types of video content that you can employ. You can get live action videos, stop motion films or you can pay to get your videos animated. There are many different businesses that make videos for ad campaigns professionally. Explore all these formats and decide on one. Hire a professional service that suits your budget.
  • Prepare your outline. Videos are visceral and usually capable of getting an instant reaction out of the people who are watching them. They might be humorous, serious, thought-provoking or even silly. Find what suits your product the best and map out how you might want to move forth from this point on. Do you want an explanation video or something with a story? Do you think the video should be instructional, invitational or both? How long do you think the spot should run? You should start work on the creation of the video before you’ve mapped out a clear plan of attack.
  • Write (or pay to write) a compelling story for the animated video. A script is an important part of any video. It should seem natural and convincing. It shouldn’t be long-winded or bogged down with information. The story should be crisp, fresh and completely original so that the audience is roped in to wanting to buy your product from you.