Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

CommonFloor – Tips for Home Buyers –

Neha and Amir want to buy a new house. And in India, that’s not a decision for the weak hearted. Well, Commonfloor India’s biggest Realestate portal is here for the rescue. We’ll tell you 10 things every buyer should know before buying a house.

First, get started by understanding your needs. Evaluate based on your lifestyle, future needs and decide the size of the house. The location should be well connected to key city spots and public transport. Don’t ignore things like clean roads, petty stores and a well-maintained sewage network. Decide what type of house you want by researching a lot and making site visits. Choose a developer with a great track record and don’t forget to negotiate.

Check for materials during construction to get an accurate view of the strength and quality of the property. Hidden costs can burn a hole in your pocket. Understand what you are paying for by getting a breakdown on all expenses. And if you are taking a loan, carefully evaluate fixed and floating rate of interests to know what you can afford. Old houses can haunt you with Mortgage and property dues. Be 100% sure they are cleared and keep an eye out for other essential documents. And finally, be legally correct so that there are no surprises later.

That’s it, Neha and Amir are ready with these 10 tips and a whole lot more on to buy the best home in the market.