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About Us

Creative. Engaging. Effective. That’s how we define ourselves. When you approach us with a problem we don’t stop till we have discovered the ideal solution. By creating animated videos targeted to capture attention of your audience, we make sure that anyone seeing the video recalls your brand frequently. We love what we do, so we put in that extra effort needed to make the final product great instead of just good. With more than 100 videos in our kitty, we have enough experience to offer solutions proven to increase sales for your business.

What we Do?

We offer simple solutions to complex problems that can be easily understood by your target audience. To achieve this we adopt various styles such as digital animations, hand drawings, paper cuttings and several others. By researching and outlining the problem, we help you choose a style that is most suitable for your business and create a video to increase visibility in the market.

How can A video from Wisepuppet help you?

With a video created from us, you can showcase your product on your website,promote on social media platforms. You can also play to a larger audience through a projector or just present it through your mobile to an investor in a minute or two. You can increase conversion rates as you can keep the visitors engaged on your website.


KiranCo-Founder, CEO

Kiran is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Wisepuppet. He is the backbone of the company, steering it from Orange County, California. Kiran is good at communication and has a keen interest in design. He gave a shape to these two skills by starting Wisepuppet with Viswa. He says it’s important to articulate the message when you showcase your idea in this age of short timespans. His also worked in enterprise software. He loves travelling and is a regular at startup events in the LA area. When he is not working, he loves catching up with with friends over coffee.

Karthik2 (1)

KarthikCo-Founder, COO

Karthik is the co-founder and COO of WisePuppet. He enjoys making the complex simple and believes that animated explainers can best achieve this. He is based in London and focuses on the operational efficiency of WisePuppet. He has worked internationally for many years and has broad exposure in managing global projects, quality, operations and people across large and small organisations. He loves working with people and is the best man to speak with for any support. When he’s off work, he enjoys watching science, nature and political documentaries.


ViswaCo-Founder, Creative Director

Viswa is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Wisepuppet. He takes care of the deliveries part of the company. The journey started in 2011 out of his love to make cool educational videos. He joined hands with Kiran who has a good idea in marketing thus started Wisepuppet. Now after 4 years and 100+ videos, he still feels best is yet to come. He is someone obsessed with great looking videos, so he is one who makes sure your video looks great. When he isn’t involved in tweaking the videos, he spends time watching viral videos and sharing with team.



Before joining Wisepuppet, Suresh tried his hands as a cameraman shooting a dozen short films. He is also an expert in post production and handling color. He won a couple of awards too for the awareness he created about forests and sustainability. He is fluent in animation and has a keen eye in shaping beautiful scenes. He is a part time doodler too. He is the guy who creates storyboards and is a very good in creating perspectives. When he is not working, he is speaking with the person sitting next to him. He makes you believe talking is an art in itself.



Gowrishankar has a keen eye in creating amazing animations. He is expert in editing and designing the layout of the video, but also gets actively involved in all the big and small steps of the production process. He is the one to explore new techniques and different styles of animation. When he is not working, you can be sure, he is playing ‘Asphalt’ on his phone.



Anoop is an illustrator at WisePuppet. He not only enjoys doodling things on paper but also on the computer. His work has a unique style and this is reflected in his illustrations. He loves sketching and he is the guy who creates draft storyboards before it goes to the client. He is a total movie buff and he is taking acting classes to try his luck in the film industry.



The story-writer at WisePuppet, you can generally find Priya writing scripts for videos or doodling stick figures for storyboards. She has a keen interest in both writing and films and can often be found reading about the same. When she is not working, she’s either looking up trends in social media or scribbling away ideas in her notepad. And she is writing a fiction novel too.



Pranav takes interest in minimal designs and applies the same in his animations. His works are not only simple and elegant but highly artsy as well. When away from work, you can find him putting his prime lens to use. He is interested both in cinematography and photography. He can juggle all his tasks and makes sure they are made with perfection.

join our team

  • StorytellerOpen or Close

    Someone who can create a plot and a story to present the client’s idea. He/she should be good in english language and should have the ability to play with words and create delightful stories. He should have the ability to interact with clients and help them understand on how the story can be presented. Interested? Drop a mail to

  • Storyboard ArtistOpen or Close

    Someone who can dream. He/she should know how to present the animation keeping in mind the length and mood of the scene. He should to able to speak with clients and coordinate with Animators and Illustrators. Ability to doodle can be a good value add. Interested? Drop a mail to

  • Motion Graphics/2D AnimatorOpen or Close

    Someone who can take the Illustrations and animate them to create a sweet looking final video. He/she should be an expert in Adobe software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro etc. He should know how to add/tweek voiceovers, background musics, sound effects etc. He should think like an artist, not like an editor. Interested? Drop a mail to

  • IllustratorOpen or Close

    Someone who can give shape and form to the storyboard doodles. He/she should be able to analyze color codes and come up with complementary colors that can go down well as backgrounds, main characters, side items etc. He should be creative enough to deliver the Illustrations on his own. Working proficiency of Adobe Illustrator is a must. Interested? Drop a mail to