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What is the Video Making Process?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

1. Basic formalities:
a. Knowing and understanding each other.
b. Deciding on video style and setting expectations.

2. Inputs from questionnaire:
Once we know each other, we will send you a questionnaire for us to start working on the story. It gives a good understanding for us about your product/service. We can start working on story with this.

3. Write the Script/Story:
We write the script referring the questionnaire.
We present the various features keeping in mind the time and importance of each feature.
We will send the first draft in a couple of days after we receive the questionnaire. We will iterate with client till he is happy. We generally normal do around 3 iterations before we freeze the story.

4. Write the Storyboard:
Do a Storyboard for the story. Story and Storyboard consume more time in the whole process. You can give your inputs about the style of character, colors, themes, pace of video etc.

5. Do a Voice Over:
Once the story and storyboard are finalized, we get the final voice over done. Please ask us if you have questions. It’s easy to modify the video according to voice over than the other way round.

6. Final Animated Video:
The final video will be a Full HD (resolution: 1080) mpeg4 video, which can be uploaded to your YouTube channel or played with any media player. Video can be played to a larger audience using projector, with minimal loss of clarity. In all the above stages, the client’s inputs/feedback is taken into consideration.

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