Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

MyCity4Kids Explainer Video Script –

It has to be nothing but the best for your child – the best care, the best classes, the best birthday parties, pretty much the best of everything. But how easy is it to find these resources? You can scan the newspaper, ask your friends or drive around the neighbourhood to get a couple of leads.

Or you can visit – India’s largest resource guide for parents with more than 50,000 listings. From the finest schools to neighbourhood swimming pools, from art and crafts to amusement parks, from mathematics to dramatics, mycity4kids assists you in exploring, discovering and even booking resources for your child, around your home.

If the over 50,000 listings across 12 categories seem too overwhelming, opt for our fortnightly and weekly communication. They give you personalized recommendations according to your child’s age and the locality you live.

It doesn’t stop there, because mycity4kids also has an enthusiastic mommy and daddy blogger community. They share experiences about parenting some which are hilarious, some poignant, some thought provoking but all very real and very relevant to our daily lives with children.

So why wait? Log on to Mycity4Kids today and discover how amazing your city can really be for your child.