3 Tips to pick right colors for your Explainer Video!

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Colors are an important aspect of animated videos which bring out the style and appeal of the video. Whether it is for characters or the backgrounds or the individual elements, right Picking colors is important. Here are 3 Tips to pick right colors for your Explainer Video. If executed properly, it will make a huge difference.

You are good to start if you know the basics of Hue, Saturation and Value. Hue refers to the base pigment that you use. Saturation refers to the depth of the pigment where more saturation will give you a darker shade of the color and less saturation will give you a lighter shade. Value refers to the darkness of the pigment or brightness. All these three components combine to constitute color.

For explainer videos, colors can be picked like this –

1. Logo of the Company: The logo is a representation of the company. Thus, actively using the colors of the logo for the video can reinforce the company’s identity and keep it intact in the viewer’s mind. Contrasting colors can also be used to bring about a sense of balance in the video.

2. Web Safe Colors: A web safe palette consists of 216 colors that are consistent on all computer monitors. This means that the video will look the same or have no changes in colors across different monitors. In the past, monitors could only display 256 colors out of which 216 were considered web safe. This was because the older computers used to have 8-bit colors. Present day computers have 16-bit or even 24-bit color, so more colors can be displayed in good quality.

3. Nature of the scene: Certain scenes try to bring out certain emotions or show the setting of the scene to the audience. So based on the mood of the scene or the time of day, color usage can vary. In a scene of death or loneliness, shades of grey would be a good option. In happier scenes, brighter colors are incorporated. However, one always needs to be careful about the contrast as well. So use these tips while picking your colors the next time and watch your video light up.

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