How to create a character for a video?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Characters define the tone of communication, so how to create a character for a video? Choosing an appropriate character is very important in representing your brand the right way. With many options to choose from, like stick figures, detailed characters, realistic characters, line drawings etc, it’s not easy to choose one that fits your video.

So where to start? First, understand what your brand represents, say in one word. Like is your company represents fun or trust or professional or something else. Then think of a character you have seen on TV or a movie. Like for example, ‘fun’ could represent a college going teenager, ‘trust’ could mean an experienced doctor, ‘a professional’ could be a banker. Think of what that that person means in reality, like how he dresses, his face, his hairstyle etc. Now, create a character, making sure the brand colors pass on. Don’t hesitate to tweak the character with feedback from client. Couple of points to ponder –
1. It’s good to convey the homework you do to the client and take feedback.
2. What if client already has a mascot? Do you create a similar one in illustrator or would you propose a new one?
3. Make sure the client’s brand matches goes well with character.

There you have it, the most suitable character you can think off.
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