How to create a plot, before writing a story

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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The story for an animated video captures the essence of the product. But writing a story involves understanding the product well and creating it in such a way that is appeals to the audience. The audience find the story interesting if it is structured, to the point and they take something back home. Like what is the single best thing that a product does compared to others. And we give substantial importance for such points. But again, the product should never look like a one trick pony. So it’s important to understand what needs to be there in the story and plan how much importance we need to give for each feature.

At wisepuppet, we create a plot, that is structured like Theme of the video, Characters, Problem Statement, Solution Statement, Additional Features and Call for Action. Sub dividing them in small chunks will make it easy to visualize the flow and format of the video. Having said, we can also create a couple of plots to share with the client with a different theme with different characters, keeping the rest of the sections as they are.

So, creating a plot before writing a story makes it easy to create the story. Try it if you plan to write a story for an explainer next time. And share your feedback on how you find it.
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