Why choose Explainer Videos over TV Commercials!

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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You switch on the TV after a long hard day’s work and there they are – the same old commercials, selling the same old stuff that you see in endless aisles in supermarkets. You don’t want to be that person. You don’t want as many TV ads. So you realize your customers probably don’t want as many television ads either. How about an explainer video instead? So Why choose Explainer Videos over TV Commercials!

An explainer video is hands down better than a TV commercial because –
1. Internet surpasses TV
With so many options for people to watch videos, read articles, connect with peers, who needs a Television. Of course that doesn’t make the Television an obsolete piece of technology but most people own at least a smart phone if not a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop and so on. So wouldn’t it be simpler watching an explainer video on the internet while you’re doing other useful stuff rather than watching an ad on the mind-numbing television set?
2. No Interruptions
More often than not, your movie on the Television is interrupted at least a dozen times for ads. Isn’t it easier watching an explainer video on your own time on the internet instead – when it’s really your choice if you want to watch it or not? And maybe watch a movie later. No more interruptions!
3. More Information
An explainer video can be anywhere between 60 and 90 seconds long which is the ideal length. It provides all the information that needs to be conveyed to the audience. An advertisement on the other hand is usually 10-20 seconds long, extending to a maximum of 30 seconds. This gives it less time to give all the information that the viewers need. So it’s not nearly as effective.
4. Better Conversions
With an explainer video online, it’s easier to provide a link that directs viewers to your website because the video and the information are still fresh in their minds. When it comes to ads, people might watch the ad and forget what it was all about in a little while. Even if they remember, there’s very little chance they’ll actually check out your product or service.
5. Easy on your Pockets
Advertising is very expensive. Even a 10 second ad can cost you a bomb if repeated on multiple TV channels a couple of dozen times every day. So why not go for an explainer video instead? It’s cheaper and quite entertaining along with being informative.
So next time, you think about promoting your product or service, take a quick step back to consider getting an explainer video made instead of a television advertisement.