How to write a compelling story for an Explainer Video?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Script is the foundation for an explainer video. The storyboard, visuals and even the animation is dependent on the script. So what goes into the script becomes very important. Most videos like to tell a story with their script. These stories can include characters and scenarios. It helps the audience relate to the problems of the character in the video or even to understand the product/service that the video is promoting. So how to write a compelling story for an Explainer Video?

Now there are 3 ways that a story can developed into a script.
The first is where it takes up the entire script. The entire video revolves around the character and tries to solve his problems. In this very process, the features of the product/service are described in detail. The mGaadi video by WisePuppet is an example for this.

The second type is where the story comprises only about 20% of the video where a character is introduced at the beginning of the video and as the video goes on, it switches to different scenes to explain the product/service. The character could probably pop up in the middle or end of the video again to show how happy he is with the product/service. WisePuppet’s Owenite video is one such example.

The third type is where there is no story at all. Sometimes, having a story might seem unnecessary. This depends entirely on the nature of the product/service and the target audience for the explainer video. The Bank Bazaar video by WisePuppet is the perfect example for this.

So next time you write your script, just think about how much of a story to incorporate in it.