How to Get More Viewers to Your Animated Ad Campaigns

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Using animated ad campaigns to market products and services is the latest trend in the business world. Most people use it because animated advertisements are fun and capable of both attracting and keeping people’s attention. Because they’re so catchy, animations usually leave a greater impression in people’s mind than static ads tend to do.

So let’s say you’re one of the thousands of people who has paid a handsome fee to get a nice, cool animated ad produced for your product or service. Are you wondering how to get people to watch it now? Trying to figure what to do to make the campaign stand out amongst hundred others that are as fascinating?

Here are 5 tips from us to help you get the word out about your new animated ad campaign:2014-12-19_1226

  1. Use social media to spread the word. Whether your business just took off or it’s been around long enough to become a big-shot, you have to connect to your clients and customers through social networking websites. Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. for businesses are inevitability. Sooner or later, you’ll have to surrender to the social media frenzy or risk losing important (potential) business. So use these to your advantage and share your ad campaign with all your friends and followers. Do it repeatedly and make it interesting to attract people to watch it.
  2. Integrate social media with it so that your trusted customers can get the word out. This is the step that should follow the one mentioned above. Once you lure in your existing clients to check out your animated ad, if they like it they may feel the need to share it with their friends and followers. Make sure to incorporate the free widgets and add-ons that the social networks make available for everyone to use so that people who fancy your ad might get the word out about it themselves.
  3. Give it an important place on your website and blog. When you post it on your website or blog, make it stand out. Give it a nice and conspicuous place on your page so that anyone who visits your blog is able to spot it easily. Again, make use of Tip #2 so that they can ask more people to watch it if they like it themselves.
  4. Host it on YouTube. YouTube is the world’s most used search engine after google, and its a video hosting network. If you have used some other service to host your video and have no plans of doing it on YouTube as well, think again. You can boost its search rankings by using some nice keywords and keyword phrases in the video description and tags, and gain a lot of viewers that way. Many successful animated ad campaigns have only gained success because of their YouTube viewers. There are also many ways to get the site to promote you, so educate yourself about and make use of those ways.
  5. Put your ad in the business newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to introduce your faithful clients to a new ad campaign. Include your new animated ad campaign in your next newsletter and gets your existing customers to view it. This will bring it to their attention, and if they like it they might just feel inclined to pass it along!