What is Hyperloop?

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Introducing the 5th mode of travel to the world, this video explains the complete work flow about how Elon Musk’s idea of Hyperloop works. Based on his initial explanation about Hyperloop being a combination of a Concorde jet, a rail gun and an air hockey table, this animation video showcases all key points that outline the idea of Hyperloop. So What is Hyperloop?
Here is the video that explains the concept: What is Hyperloop?
VIDEO SCRIPT – If Elon Musk is to be believed, one can travel from LA to SF in 30 minutes. It’s an idea called Hyperloop, a new mode of transport where people can travel at a speed close to the sound barrier. Here’s how it works. Hyperloop will have 2 long tubes placed parallel to each other. The vehicle you travel in is a pod, that is mounted on a pair of skis. This pod can accommodate around 10 people. These pods can simultaneously travel at high speeds. It will achieve levitation by an air cushion created by air being pushed through small holes in the skis. Using solar energy, electromagnetic field is generated making the pod float with very less drag.

The pod gains its initial thrust through the electromagnetic pulse. As it moves forward, air is sucked in by an intake unit at front. This air is compressed and rerouted to the skis and to the back of the pod. This propels the pod forward to gain and sustain momentum.

So, the pod can achieve a mind-blowing speed of 760 miles an hour. To stop the pod you just reverse the process used for acceleration. This way you regain kinetic energy and store it back into the system, making it self sustainable. And here’s the best part Hyperloop is immune to weather changes, will never crash and is less expensive than a plane ticket. Imagine that!