How to make an Explainer Video to promote your Brand?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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In the previous blog-post, we talked about what a brand is and how the explainer video can be created based on your brand. In this post, we shall discuss the more specific points to consider while creating the video.

1. The Great Big Idea!

So you doodle and scribble in your notepad or brainstorm ideas with your team. Either way it’s very important to have the right concept for your video. The story should be in sync with the brand and should also be relevant to it.

2. Design and Illustrations
The illustrations are another important aspect. You need to decide the tone of the video – whether it is simple and elegant or it’s dramatic and full of elements. The look of the characters is also important. Texture, layout, background, props, etc add to this.

3. Color it up
Colors matter a lot. You need to understand the brand and use colors accordingly. The colors you use could be the colors the brand represents or probably even use complimentary colors with them that bring out a contrast in the visual. You also need to understand hue, gradient, contrast, saturation and work accordingly.

4. Animate it right
A few pop ups here, a couple of transitions there – that’s not all animation is about. It’s not just about making elements move on screen but it’s about putting life into them. You would want to keep the animation more subtle and smooth for certain brands. You might want a lot of action and quick animation for certain others.

5. Don’t forget your Audience
Finally, understand your audience and their mindset. Understand trends and figure out what would attract more viewers because they are the ones who are going to watch your video at the end of the day.

So there you go. Make yourself the right video that goes perfectly with your brand. This is how to make an Explainer Video to promote your Brand.