Does your Explainer Video connect well with your Brand?

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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You’ve spent time, money and efforts to get an explainer video created. The visuals are good, the voice is perfect and the animation is splendid. But there is something about that video that just doesn’t look right and you can’t seem to put your finger on it. It’s probably the look and feel of the video.
There is a good chance that it never managed to represent your brand. Now most people think it’s the logo, the name, the mascot, the product or even the tagline that makes up a brand. That’s just the outer surface. A brand is much more than that.
A brand is a philosophy, it is a perspective, and it is a living entity with unique characteristics and specific emotions attached to it. It a story that needs to be told to your audience. You tell them that story and you’ve got yourself the perfect explainer video. Take some of the advertisements for Apple. They don’t just show you the features of their product. They don’t just show you why their product is better than the rest. They show you why you should have the product. They don’t sell a phone or a tablet or a computer.
They sell a lifestyle. That’s the philosophy. They show you glimpses of how your life will be if you have an iPhone or an iPad. That’s their story. Anyone will see an Apple ad and recognize it even before the logo or the brand name come up. That’s what a brand is and your video needs to represent all of that.