How to choose Background Music for your Explainer Video?

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An explainer video is not all information and pretty visuals. There are multiple elements that make a classy explainer video. Music is one such element. It gives that oomph factor. It could be subtle and it could be blaring. It could either be downloaded directly from websites and used for videos or it could be custom-made to suit specific needs. So how to choose Background Music for your Explainer Video?

1. Nature of the Video
Your explainer video could be presenting a certain idea. Using background music that caters to this idea becomes important. Suppose you video is about an app that helps you book tickets or venues for band gigs. You would most likely use rock/pop music for such a video which would attract the youth.

2. Attract the Crowds
You can’t afford to use dull, slow music that is barely audible. Music needs to be catchy and the viewers should be able to connect with it. Music that is a clearly audible, a little fast paced and that which stands out will attract more people compelling them to watch your video.

3. Genre of the Music
The genre of your music affects the mood of your audience. It can make you feel peppy and excited, it can make you introspect or even sad or calm or energetic. So pick the genre of your music based on what you want your audience to feel after watching your video.

Whatever be the nature of the video or genre of the music, you should never compromise on the quality of the music. So turn on the tempo and drop that bass.
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