IndiaReads: Delighting booklovers

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

Indiareads is an online library that caters to all book lovers across variety of categories. The Main USP of the brand is that it can deliver books within 2 working days to any part of India without any extra charges.

Returning books is always a hassle for avid book readers. If they can get the book delivered at their doorstep it would save time. But most of the websites charge a premium for this. IndiaReads need a solution that highlighted the features as well as the convenience of using a website.

Convenience and saving time were the prime aspects of focus in the storyboard. The video shows how the customer can get his favorite books by placing and order online and getting them in just 2 days. the customer can return books when the deliveries are made to minimize shipping costs. Video also highlights how IndiaReads is the online platform in India that has more than 300 locations to get books from. special mention is also given to the uniform rate plan of the website and how it has a selection of over 30,000 books across 45 categories.

User registration increased atleast 40% within a couple of months after the video was showcased on the website and doing marketing campaign through social media. Audience were pleasantly surprised watching the video and they started sharing with their friends and other book lovers. This led to improved profits for the company.





We wanted a video quickly to increase exposure of our service. It only took one session and a couple of back and forths for farmermate guys to understand what we wanted. And within a month we had our video and it was better than expected. The drawings said exactly what we wanted to showcase and after the video went live, positive queries have shot up. We are very happy with the total outcome from the ‘Wise’puppet guys.

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