4 reasons to Use Animated Videos for Your Business

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Using animated videos to promote marketing of any business is the latest trend in the corporate world. Animated ad campaigns are catchy and they’re great for attracting and keeping the attention of its viewers. Although this form is new, its use is increasing every day simply because of how effective it  can be.

Skillfully designed animated videos that function as advertisements or promotions are very useful for getting the word out to already existing clients, as well as to potential ones. We create innovative video animations for ad campaigns for various services and products in many countries, so we have a vested interest. However, even if we weren’t we would have recommend making use of animated videos ad campaigns to promote your business because it works and it works well.



Here are the best 4 reasons we can think of for you to use animated videos for this job:

  1. To have an effective online presence. Animated video ad campaigns are kind of a necessity to mark your territory on the internet. Whether it is through short YouTube promos or Flash ads on web pages, using animated ads is the only effective and interesting manner by which you can attract people to find out about your product without stifling them. These are interesting and (mostly always) fun, therefore very useful for catching people’s attention. What’s more is that having an online presence ensures that the knowledge of your business isn’t limited to your base nation; through internet you can pander to audiences and clients worldwide.
  2. It is a very flexible medium. Animated videos allow you to go where static or filmed ads won’t. For example, an ordinary filmed ad used for instructional purposes regarding your product has a big chance of being ill-received or ignored because the format is simply not engaging enough. Whereas with animated ads, you can make them look alternative and different. The medium of animation in general offers the space to do much more with, say, a 30 second long video than any other format will. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of advanced technology and incorporate animation into your business promotion strategies.
  3. Creates a lasting impression on viewers. Animations have been proven to be more appealing to viewers of all age than other mediums. This principle applies to video ad campaigns as well. Your clients are more likely to remember the name of a product after seeing it in an animated ad than in a static one. Hiring experienced professional animators to build your campaign will go a long way to benefit your business as they’ll know just what buttons to push to make an impression in the minds of people who push play on your advertisement.
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  5. They have the ability to reach further and wider than other formats of advertisements. Using animated video ad campaigns has many advantages. One of them is creating excitement within and eliciting interested responses amongst the people they are catered to. We already know that animations interested people of all ages. Furthermore, animated ads if used creatively and smartly may cause people to promote them by word-of-mouth or by simply sharing those ads on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. Usually animated ads with important social messages find traction on these networks easily; but even the ones without any such weight might gain popularity, provided they’re made in a way that piques people’s interest about the onject that it is promoting.