5 tips on How to Write Great Stories for Startup Videos

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.

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Producing visual content is not easy especially when you’re looking for results. To successfully do so, we’ve collated 5 fool proof tips on how you can write great stories for your startup videos animated.

  1. Apply the Good Old KISS Principle

To make your startup video more effective, keep it short and simple. The briefer it is, the more likely it is to create an impact and be remembered. However, don’t make it look like you’ve scrambled everything into one short ad. Present it flawlessly so it can be easy to understand. Also, be sure to use your time efficiently by highlighting only the important points. You definitely don’t want to give everything away so that the viewers will still have something to look forward to when you redirect them to your page or website.


  1. It’s About How You Say It

Place the most important message of your video at the beginning so you can straightaway capture their interest. Time is gold, and every second that you waste creates a higher likelihood that the viewers might click away. Don’t lose their interest with gimmicks or annoying intros. Be catchy but balance it out. Moreover, your tone must be aligned to what you’re promoting and who you’re promoting it to.


  1. Relate to Your Audience

Make sure that your video is conversational. Show your viewers that you empathize with them, and that their struggle is one of the reasons why your company exists. Connect with them and simply offer the solution to their problem. Of course your audience shouldn’t feel that they are being overloaded with information and that you’re marketing to them, even if you really are. Convince them like you’re convincing your parents.


  1. Add a Dash of Humor

Every one of us is bombarded by a gazillion messages every day, and most of these are from media. It can be said that we live in a brand saturated world. And although the internet is a more promising platform when it comes to relaying your message, you must consider that you’re more likely to be drowned in the noise. So in order to captivate your audience and keep them engaged, add a bit of humor and creativity to your content. This will also affect your branding in a good way, so be sure that everything is aligned with how you want to be remembered as.


  1. Get your Viewers Involved

The success of your video will lie on the response that it will receive so It is important that your call for action at the end is compelling. Whether it’s a number that they need to call, a comment that they need to post, or a site that they need to visit, you must always include since it is one of the most vital components of your startup video. If you don’t get them involved, you will most probably be forgotten and your efforts will be trashed.


These are just some ways wherein you could optimize you startup video, however it does not guarantee you 100% triumph. The challenge is on how you will translate these tips and implement to garner maximum results.