Its all about the message

Posted on by Viswa Dandu.


While creating an animation video, what do u think is the most important thing about it? Is it the quality of the animation itself or the story behind it? Is it about whether the video can connect with the audience or the character design? If you answered any of the options from above, you are partially right. It is about all that, but most importantly its about the message that you have encoded inside your animation video.


The number one reason why animation videos are more popular is because of the way they make you feel. Studies show that people retain a greater percentage of information when they hear it and see it as opposed to simply reading it. While also, did you know that 75% of communication is non-verbal? If you have seen the movie WALL-E, you will notice that there is no verbal communication till the interval of the movie. Still, while you are watching that movie, you understand the character’s pain, his dilemma, his excitement when he finds out that there is someone else too in this world other than him. That is the power of a message where it can be delivered even without speaking.


The art of delivering the message comes in effectively knowing what exactly works for your audience. It can be as crazy as 3 animals trying to reunite a child in Ice Age to as sensible as the movie EPIC which focuses on improving the green efficiency among corporates in the world.


The message is the key part in an animation movie or video because that is what the audience finally takes home with them. Even if the message is not relevant to their life, it will still be somewhere in the corner of their mind reminding them, guiding them to shape the way they think.