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mGaadi is an innovative mobile app that helps a commuter find transportation easily. Not just finding an auto or a taxi nearby, but also a genuine autowala who is trustworthy. Easy to use, safe to ride with no additional cost, that sums mGaadi.


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Okay…we all love to tap our feet to the addictive tunes of Electronic Dance Music…Don’t we? But we are forced to listen to the boring and outdated tracks … We always want to stay updated with the electrifying genre, and all that we lack is a single platform to get everything related to Electronic Dance Music and artists. But hey, where and how long do we wait?

Well, not anymore folks…With BeatStation you get everything you want in your tiny pocket. Yes…It is just a couple of clicks away. BeatStation is an exclusive first of its kind mobile app for everything in the unique Electronic Dance Music genre. Just login and tune into Electronic Dance Music of your kind. You can pick and choose your favourite style to listen from various artists playing a multiple electronic music genre on a single platform. That’s not all…BeatStation has a pleasant surprise for Djs…they will be able to attract a more multi-cultural Electronic Dance Music fan base. You can also have a list of electronic dance music parties and events to which you can be in the guest list only on BeatStation.

Have you gotten bored of listening to sound in the name of music all this while…well…it’s time now to say goodbye to old style and say Hello to some real electrifying beats on BeatStation. So if you still haven’t got BeatStation on your phones…download it now and let the bass drop!!