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About Us

Creative. Engaging. Effective. That’s how we define ourselves. When you approach us with a problem we don’t stop till we have discovered the ideal solution. By creating animated videos targeted to capture attention of your audience, we make sure that anyone seeing the video recalls your brand frequently. We love what we do, so we put in that extra effort needed to make the final product great instead of just good. With more than 100 videos in our kitty, we have enough experience to offer solutions proven to increase sales for your business.

What we Do?

We offer simple solutions to complex problems that can be easily understood by your target audience. To achieve this we adopt various styles such as digital animations, hand drawings, paper cuttings and several others. By researching and outlining the problem, we help you choose a style that is most suitable for your business and create a video to increase visibility in the market.

How can A video from Wisepuppet help you?

With a video created from us, you can showcase your product on your website,promote on social media platforms. You can also play to a larger audience through a projector or just present it through your mobile to an investor in a minute or two. You can increase conversion rates as you can keep the visitors engaged on your website.