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mGaadi is an innovative mobile app that helps a commuter find transportation easily. Not just finding an auto or a taxi nearby, but also a genuine autowala who is trustworthy. Easy to use, safe to ride with no additional cost, that sums mGaadi.


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Okay…we all love to tap our feet to the addictive tunes of Electronic Dance Music…Don’t we? But we are forced to listen to the boring and outdated tracks … We always want to stay updated with the electrifying genre, and all that we lack is a single platform to get everything related to Electronic Dance Music and artists. But hey, where and how long do we wait?

Well, not anymore folks…With BeatStation you get everything you want in your tiny pocket. Yes…It is just a couple of clicks away. BeatStation is an exclusive first of its kind mobile app for everything in the unique Electronic Dance Music genre. Just login and tune into Electronic Dance Music of your kind. You can pick and choose your favourite style to listen from various artists playing a multiple electronic music genre on a single platform. That’s not all…BeatStation has a pleasant surprise for Djs…they will be able to attract a more multi-cultural Electronic Dance Music fan base. You can also have a list of electronic dance music parties and events to which you can be in the guest list only on BeatStation.

Have you gotten bored of listening to sound in the name of music all this while…well…it’s time now to say goodbye to old style and say Hello to some real electrifying beats on BeatStation. So if you still haven’t got BeatStation on your phones…download it now and let the bass drop!!


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TradersCockpit Explainer Video Script –

Trading in Markets is highly stressful as you get constantly bombarded with news, views and mountains of data. What you need is a service that can provide in-depth knowledge with tools and techniques to help you make an informed choice.

It’s time to strap in and fly away with TradersCockpit – India’s first cloud based Financial Data Analytics Software to help you master trading from a desktop, tablet or a mobile. Now, you can create Live Market Screeners by applying indicators on stocks of your choice to capture your trading strategy. And if you’re not online, SMS and email notifications will be sent on the go.

Most times trading in live market with untested strategies could prove very costly. With our StrategyLabs platform you can create and validate Trading Strategies by backtesting them with historical data. And the best part, absolutely no programming knowledge needed. So now, you can gain powerful insight and knowledge in a jiffy. Don’t have a strategy? Just buy them from the strategy store. And if you need help, our friendly support executives are just a call away. What’s more! Get complete access to costly market data-feeds and charts at no additional price.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to TradersCockpit today and become an expert and stress-free trader in no time.

Ypaycash Explainer Video

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YPayCash Explainer Video Script –

Making payments always look simple until you run out of cash or try using cards. Remembering different PINS will give you a permanent itch, while frequent ATM visits are frustrating. Paying for something shouldn’t be this difficult, right? so here’s a smarter, better and a more secure way to pay

YPayCash – An RBI approved mobile app that transforms your phone into a mobile wallet. And its so simple to use. Just download the app, register and load money into your account and your mobile wallet is ready. To pay someone, you simply enter the amount and share the QR code. Payment is made instantly and is completely anonymous as no personal details are shared with the seller. Isn’t that amazing?

YPayCash is the one-stop solution for all your payments. You can pay utility bills, recharge your mobile, send and receive money and even book bus tickets of your choice. All this using a single ePIN. More than 6000 stores and 1000 web portals accept YPayCash all across India. And you don’t have to worry about different networks and mobile platforms as YPayCash supports them all.

Let your mobile be the trump card in your pocket. Download YPayCash for free, now.

CommonFloor Video

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CommonFloor – Tips for Home Buyers –

Neha and Amir want to buy a new house. And in India, that’s not a decision for the weak hearted. Well, Commonfloor India’s biggest Realestate portal is here for the rescue. We’ll tell you 10 things every buyer should know before buying a house.

First, get started by understanding your needs. Evaluate based on your lifestyle, future needs and decide the size of the house. The location should be well connected to key city spots and public transport. Don’t ignore things like clean roads, petty stores and a well-maintained sewage network. Decide what type of house you want by researching a lot and making site visits. Choose a developer with a great track record and don’t forget to negotiate.

Check for materials during construction to get an accurate view of the strength and quality of the property. Hidden costs can burn a hole in your pocket. Understand what you are paying for by getting a breakdown on all expenses. And if you are taking a loan, carefully evaluate fixed and floating rate of interests to know what you can afford. Old houses can haunt you with Mortgage and property dues. Be 100% sure they are cleared and keep an eye out for other essential documents. And finally, be legally correct so that there are no surprises later.

That’s it, Neha and Amir are ready with these 10 tips and a whole lot more on to buy the best home in the market.


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BankBazaar Explainer Video –

If you think getting a loan in India is a big challenge, think again. Presenting… India’s biggest neutral online platform where you can apply for Loans, Credit Cards or Insurance Policies from your preferred bank . And it’s so easy to use, just drop in at from your desktop, mobile or a tablet. You can Compare, Apply and get instant bank approval on the financial instrument of your choice. has partnered with all the major banks in India. So, we give a real time comparison of customized rate quotes from multiple banks. At BankBazaar, applications are processed and are approved online within minutes. So no long queues. no paper work. no endless wait…..We provide an End to End service and team will support you till the loan disbursal. So, say goodbye to your worries and let do all the hard work for you.

Not yet ready to apply? no problem,’s online platform offers a ton of research material for you to explore. User Reviews, Bank Ratings, Tips for loan seekers, EMI calculators and many more. With, your privacy is guaranteed, all online transaction are processed with added electronic security. And best of all,’s service is completely free.

We are proud to have processed more than a hundred thousand loans till now and adding more smiles with each passing day. So what are you waiting for, choose today and save thousands on your loan!


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Meet Karen, a Service Manager who leads a large field team.Karen currently spends a lot of her time managing her teamover calls, emails and daily manual reports–and that means morework. A LOT more work! Scheduling appointments and dispatching the correct field agentquickly is a big challenge, and she never gets tohear customer feedback on thequality of service. Then, there are the tons of tracking sheet reportsfor Karen to go through and demands to reduce costs.This only adds toKaren’s work pressure!Luckily for Karen, there’s a smart solution at hand.

Enter FieldEZ, a Field Force Automation solution that is completely device independent and supports multiple platforms. So Karen doesn’t need to spend moneyon new and expensive hardware! The solution is really easy to configure and use, and works offline as well as online. This makes it the perfect solution for Karen’s field team.
All Karen has to do is simply drag and drop toassign a ticket to thecorrect field agent, John, who is instantly alerted on his phone.

John quickly reaches the customer and resolves the issue. The customer is mighty impressed with John’s efficiency. Billing, Signature, Feedback – all done in a jiffy using FieldEZ’s mobile app.Karen receives an instant update on hercomputer, and shecan view real-time information about her team with just a click of the mouse!

Thanks to FieldEZ, Karen’s customers are happy, her employees are happy and so is Karen! Increase yourfield team’s efficiency and productivity. Try FieldEZ free today!


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You got the latest apple phone and you… are a proud owner. Now what if something goes wrong?You go to a local phone repair shop and hope to get it fixed. But then you are not sure about the after repair service and let alone warranty. It’s not comforting either to put the best phone in the market in the hands of a nonexpert.

Enter iRepair India. India’s largest service network for all Apple Products. iRepair offers quick, reliable and high quality over the counter service for spot replacements and repairs for all issues to do with apple products. If you are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Manipal, just drop at our office. And for those of you not around, we offer a fast and efficient mail in service for repairs. Let us know your location, we pick up the product from your doorstep and deliver it back… in less than a week.

And the best part, our service comes with a 1 year after-warranty replacement for most of the apple products. And we are proud to say that most of the repairs are usually done in less than an hour. You can also shop online at where we exclusively sell high quality accessories.

So next time you have a problem with your apple product, check us out and feel the difference. We are and we repair the Apple of your i.


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‘BigDecisions – How to plan for Retirement?’ Video Script –

Most of us keep postponing retirement planning as we’re focused on other responsibilities. Unfortunately, while goals like your children’s education can be met by borrowing, expenses required for retirement cannot. And if you don’t plan properly, retirement is the worst time to realize that you haven’t saved enough as it might be too late to start something new. Expecting our children to take care of us
in this day and age is asking for too much.

The key is to start saving early as it ensures you can save enough. Let’s say you start saving today; you will be able to build a much bigger amount with a smaller monthly contribution, while you have to
significantly increase your monthly savings, if you start later. Contrary to what most experts tell you, your expenses will not inflate endlessly. As your consumption pattern changes, so will your expenses. For example: You’re unlikely to pay an EMI, your children will be self sufficient and you’re unlikely to commute like you do today.

So, how do you get started? Let BigDecisions be your guide.
In 3 easy steps, you can calculate how much your monthly expenses will increase and then determine how much you need to save every month to meet those expenses. Once you decide on the final amount, you can then go ahead and build a portfolio with our partners online or choose to meet an advisor.

Don’t let the best years of your life become a nightmare. Plan your retirement with today.


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Owenite Explainer Video Script –

Being a bookaholic, Riya spends all her time either reading or buying books, leaving her with empty pockets. Just like her friend Rohit who is obsessed with latest play things like the iPhone5, but is stuck with his blackberry. If u think selling is the only option left for Riya and Rohit, then you guessed it wrong.

Presenting – an exclusive online portal where you can swap anything; yes… anything!!! for a while or forever. Twilight saga and Game of Thrones; Riya got them all by swapping the ones she had. And Rohit is out instagramming as he effortlessly switched his blackberry for an iPhone5, thanks to Owenite. You too can exchange sports equipment, automobiles to almost anything that you can think of. All you have to do is list your item on Owenite.

So you dont trust strangers online? Well, you don’t have to. With Owenite you can search for things within your social circles. If they don’t have, Owenite intelligently expands your search to others outside your social connections. So, if it’s that good, it should be expensive right? NO! it’s absolutely free.

Discover 100’s of things to exchange everyday. With Owenite, anything you want is just a swap away.