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1. Basic formalities:
a. Knowing and understanding each other.
b. Deciding on video style and setting expectations.

2. Inputs from questionnaire:
Once we know each other, we will send you a questionnaire for us to start working on the story. It gives a good understanding for us about your product/service. We can start working on story with this.

3. Write the Script/Story:
We write the script referring the questionnaire.
We present the various features keeping in mind the time and importance of each feature.
We will send the first draft in a couple of days after we receive the questionnaire. We will iterate with client till he is happy. We generally normal do around 3 iterations before we freeze the story.

4. Write the Storyboard:
Do a Storyboard for the story. Story and Storyboard consume more time in the whole process. You can give your inputs about the style of character, colors, themes, pace of video etc.

5. Do a Voice Over:
Once the story and storyboard are finalized, we get the final voice over done. Please ask us if you have questions. It’s easy to modify the video according to voice over than the other way round.

6. Final Animated Video:
The final video will be a Full HD (resolution: 1080) mpeg4 video, which can be uploaded to your YouTube channel or played with any media player. Video can be played to a larger audience using projector, with minimal loss of clarity. In all the above stages, the client’s inputs/feedback is taken into consideration.

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a. An MPEG4 video will be delivered (.mp4 extension). This is the industry standard format and most (if not all) players/video hosting sites play/support MPEG4 videos.
b. The video will be rendered and given in 1920*1080 (1080p) resolution. You can embed in YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia and other video hosting sites. This is the highest resolution that most websites support. If you use an iphone, let us know, we will send a iphone compatible video.

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We generally quote a timeline of 3 weeks. But it mostly depends on how many iterations that we make for story and storyboard. The faster you get back to us with the questionnaire; fewer iterations needed for story/storyboard, the faster for us to deliver. Once story/storyboard are freezed, we take 10 days to complete the video. If we can complete the story/storyboard in 5 days, we can deliver the video in 15 days.


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Before joining Wisepuppet, Suresh tried his hands as a cameraman shooting a dozen short films. He is also an expert in post production and handling color. He won a couple of awards too for the awareness he created about forests and sustainability. He is fluent in animation and has a keen eye in shaping beautiful scenes. He is a part time doodler too. He is the guy who creates storyboards and is a very good in creating perspectives. When he is not working, he is speaking with the person sitting next to him. He makes you believe talking is an art in itself.


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Gowrishankar has a keen eye in creating amazing animations. He is expert in editing and designing the layout of the video, but also gets actively involved in all the big and small steps of the production process. He is the one to explore new techniques and different styles of animation. When he is not working, you can be sure, he is playing ‘Asphalt’ on his phone.

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About Us

Creative. Engaging. Effective. That’s how we define ourselves. When you approach us with a problem we don’t stop till we have discovered the ideal solution. By creating animated videos targeted to capture attention of your audience, we make sure that anyone seeing the video recalls your brand frequently. We love what we do, so we put in that extra effort needed to make the final product great instead of just good. With more than 100 videos in our kitty, we have enough experience to offer solutions proven to increase sales for your business.

What we Do?

We offer simple solutions to complex problems that can be easily understood by your target audience. To achieve this we adopt various styles such as digital animations, hand drawings, paper cuttings and several others. By researching and outlining the problem, we help you choose a style that is most suitable for your business and create a video to increase visibility in the market.

How can A video from Wisepuppet help you?

With a video created from us, you can showcase your product on your website,promote on social media platforms. You can also play to a larger audience through a projector or just present it through your mobile to an investor in a minute or two. You can increase conversion rates as you can keep the visitors engaged on your website.


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You are here. Great!


We are WisePuppet, a bunch of talented storytellers and digital puppeteers. We make short Explainer videos that delight your audience and connect with your idea fast, in a minute!


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Anoop is an illustrator at WisePuppet. He not only enjoys doodling things on paper but also on the computer. His work has a unique style and this is reflected in his illustrations. He loves sketching and he is the guy who creates draft storyboards before it goes to the client. He is a total movie buff and he is taking acting classes to try his luck in the film industry.


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The story-writer at WisePuppet, you can generally find Priya writing scripts for videos or doodling stick figures for storyboards. She has a keen interest in both writing and films and can often be found reading about the same. When she is not working, she’s either looking up trends in social media or scribbling away ideas in her notepad. And she is writing a fiction novel too.