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Its difficult to find creative people who are result oriented, easy to work with and put out creative work without compromising on quality and goals of the company. Our company’s association with Wisepuppet has proven to be a good decision. The video showcased our unique service in a concise and cool way and to get it done they lead the creation process well from start to finish. I would certainly recommend these guys to those who want an animated video done.


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Owenite Explainer Video Script –

Being a bookaholic, Riya spends all her time either reading or buying books, leaving her with empty pockets. Just like her friend Rohit who is obsessed with latest play things like the iPhone5, but is stuck with his blackberry. If u think selling is the only option left for Riya and Rohit, then you guessed it wrong.

Presenting – an exclusive online portal where you can swap anything; yes… anything!!! for a while or forever. Twilight saga and Game of Thrones; Riya got them all by swapping the ones she had. And Rohit is out instagramming as he effortlessly switched his blackberry for an iPhone5, thanks to Owenite. You too can exchange sports equipment, automobiles to almost anything that you can think of. All you have to do is list your item on Owenite.

So you dont trust strangers online? Well, you don’t have to. With Owenite you can search for things within your social circles. If they don’t have, Owenite intelligently expands your search to others outside your social connections. So, if it’s that good, it should be expensive right? NO! it’s absolutely free.

Discover 100’s of things to exchange everyday. With Owenite, anything you want is just a swap away.


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Background: Supplychainex is an online service where traders, logistic solution providers and warehouse owners can list their needs as ads on the client’s website. Service providers offer quotes that the original party can accept or reject. The service is intended for people who have resources but not the clients to make use of it. Using the website they can post the requirements and accept the best offer that comes their way.

Problem: The supply chain industry is an unorganized sector and everything runs on contacts and favors. If one has stock and can’t ship it on time, it’s a loss for the vendor. Goods lying idle is a loss to owners and they pay rent, maintenance etc. Supplychainex wanted a video to target this need so that they can list on the website and get interested people connected with each other, so that everyone gets the business at the price which they are happy for.

Solution: Customer’s always have a problem with getting quotes, especially traders who want to ship goods quickly. And when a priority order needs to be fulfilled, finding a logistics solution provider at a reasonable price is not easy. In the video we showed how traders can post queries and get instant quotes from service providers. The trader can then select the cheapest one and transport his goods quickly too. We also focused on the ease of use of the service where it was highlighted how requirements can be posted using phone or SMS. The message was how profits can improved for everyone by just posting an ad on Supplychainex.

Impact: Supplychainex bacame the OLX of supplychain management. All the players in the supplychain cycle have a common platform to highlight and get business done. Positive feedback and publicity through the video has made supplychainex a common name among truckers, warehouse owners and retailers. The video is made in different languages too to increase the reach. Client has seen a 50% increase of listings on their website and the video did the magic for them.


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Indiareads is an online library that caters to all book lovers across variety of categories. The Main USP of the brand is that it can deliver books within 2 working days to any part of India without any extra charges.

Returning books is always a hassle for avid book readers. If they can get the book delivered at their doorstep it would save time. But most of the websites charge a premium for this. IndiaReads need a solution that highlighted the features as well as the convenience of using a website.

Convenience and saving time were the prime aspects of focus in the storyboard. The video shows how the customer can get his favorite books by placing and order online and getting them in just 2 days. the customer can return books when the deliveries are made to minimize shipping costs. Video also highlights how IndiaReads is the online platform in India that has more than 300 locations to get books from. special mention is also given to the uniform rate plan of the website and how it has a selection of over 30,000 books across 45 categories.

User registration increased atleast 40% within a couple of months after the video was showcased on the website and doing marketing campaign through social media. Audience were pleasantly surprised watching the video and they started sharing with their friends and other book lovers. This led to improved profits for the company.