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You got the latest apple phone and you… are a proud owner. Now what if something goes wrong?You go to a local phone repair shop and hope to get it fixed. But then you are not sure about the after repair service and let alone warranty. It’s not comforting either to put the best phone in the market in the hands of a nonexpert.

Enter iRepair India. India’s largest service network for all Apple Products. iRepair offers quick, reliable and high quality over the counter service for spot replacements and repairs for all issues to do with apple products. If you are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Manipal, just drop at our office. And for those of you not around, we offer a fast and efficient mail in service for repairs. Let us know your location, we pick up the product from your doorstep and deliver it back… in less than a week.

And the best part, our service comes with a 1 year after-warranty replacement for most of the apple products. And we are proud to say that most of the repairs are usually done in less than an hour. You can also shop online at where we exclusively sell high quality accessories.

So next time you have a problem with your apple product, check us out and feel the difference. We are and we repair the Apple of your i.