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Meet Karen, a Service Manager who leads a large field team.Karen currently spends a lot of her time managing her teamover calls, emails and daily manual reports–and that means morework. A LOT more work! Scheduling appointments and dispatching the correct field agentquickly is a big challenge, and she never gets tohear customer feedback on thequality of service. Then, there are the tons of tracking sheet reportsfor Karen to go through and demands to reduce costs.This only adds toKaren’s work pressure!Luckily for Karen, there’s a smart solution at hand.

Enter FieldEZ, a Field Force Automation solution that is completely device independent and supports multiple platforms. So Karen doesn’t need to spend moneyon new and expensive hardware! The solution is really easy to configure and use, and works offline as well as online. This makes it the perfect solution for Karen’s field team.
All Karen has to do is simply drag and drop toassign a ticket to thecorrect field agent, John, who is instantly alerted on his phone.

John quickly reaches the customer and resolves the issue. The customer is mighty impressed with John’s efficiency. Billing, Signature, Feedback – all done in a jiffy using FieldEZ’s mobile app.Karen receives an instant update on hercomputer, and shecan view real-time information about her team with just a click of the mouse!

Thanks to FieldEZ, Karen’s customers are happy, her employees are happy and so is Karen! Increase yourfield team’s efficiency and productivity. Try FieldEZ free today!