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‘BigDecisions – How to plan for Retirement?’ Video Script –

Most of us keep postponing retirement planning as we’re focused on other responsibilities. Unfortunately, while goals like your children’s education can be met by borrowing, expenses required for retirement cannot. And if you don’t plan properly, retirement is the worst time to realize that you haven’t saved enough as it might be too late to start something new. Expecting our children to take care of us
in this day and age is asking for too much.

The key is to start saving early as it ensures you can save enough. Let’s say you start saving today; you will be able to build a much bigger amount with a smaller monthly contribution, while you have to
significantly increase your monthly savings, if you start later. Contrary to what most experts tell you, your expenses will not inflate endlessly. As your consumption pattern changes, so will your expenses. For example: You’re unlikely to pay an EMI, your children will be self sufficient and you’re unlikely to commute like you do today.

So, how do you get started? Let BigDecisions be your guide.
In 3 easy steps, you can calculate how much your monthly expenses will increase and then determine how much you need to save every month to meet those expenses. Once you decide on the final amount, you can then go ahead and build a portfolio with our partners online or choose to meet an advisor.

Don’t let the best years of your life become a nightmare. Plan your retirement with today.